About Dreamland Aqua Park Tickets

Enjoy an adventurous and fun-filled day with your Dreamland Aqua Park tickets, the largest water park in this region. A haven in the desert, this water park is replete with green gardens and palm trees, and family-friendly rides and slides.

The expansive lush green water park and resort features over 30 exhilarating wet rides that can be enjoyed by visitors of all age groups. Another interesting aspect that Dreamland Aqua Park offers is the overnight waterside camping facility which also makes the park extremely popular among visitors. You can either put up in cabanas or tents and enjoy a night outdoors under the starry sky listening to the calming sounds of gushing water nearby.

With your Dreamland Aqua Park tickets you can also enjoy the park’s Mini Zoo as well as access its Sporting Facilities. There are several food outlets within the water park where you can enjoy delectable local and international fare after a thrilling day riding the slides. Rides at Dreamland Aqua Park are great for all age groups, making it a perfect place for a thrilling group outing.

Buying Dreamland Aqua Park Dubai Ticket Online

Book your Dreamland Aqua Park tickets online and enjoy exclusive deals, benefits, and discounts. Save yourself the trouble of standing in long queues, struggling in the heat and crowd to get your tickets personally. Instead when you book online, you also enjoy marvelous deals, discounts, and benefits. Your Dreamland Aquapark ticket price gives you entry into the park as well as access to the beach, professional lifeguards, and life jackets.

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Unwind yourself with the stress-relieving and thrilling water rides, slides, a go-karting circuit, mini zoo and much more at the Dreamland Aqua Park.

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Rides at Dreamland Aqua Park Tickets

Dreamland Aqua Park tickets give you access to a world of fun rides that will make your visit here memorable. The park features over 30 slides and rides which include both family friendly as well as thrill rides. Some of its most adventurous rides like the Kamikaze, Twister, Dream Stream, River rafting, and Twisting Dragons are most popular among visitors who make a beeline for these whenever they visit the park.

Dream Aqua Park

One of the most popular rides in the park, this offers an out-an-out thrilling experience as you are sent rushing down a large water slide at breakneck speeds.

Dream Aqua Park

This is another very popular slide in the park where you are hurled into a 40-meter long tunnel that finishes with a 2-meter nose dive. Feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins as you flow down this thrilling ride.

Dream Aqua Park
Black Hole

As the name suggests, you will enjoy a real-life experience of getting sucked into absolute blackness by a strong gravitational pull. This will bring you as close as possible to the Black Hole concept.

Dream Aqua Park
Twisting Dragons

Embark on a journey replete with mystery and thrill as you are taken down an unknown journey where you have no clue as to which dragon you will terminate.

Dream Aqua Park
Family Raft Ride

Family Raft RideAs the name suggests, enjoy this ride to bond with your entire family and have an adventurous fun-filled time that will evoke lots of laughter and glee.

Dream Aqua Park
Mighty Goround

This is your chance to veritably double your excitement quotient as you embark on a twin high speed giant slide that will rush you down, for you to end up in a massive pool.

Dream Stream

Relax a while after experiencing the spine chilling rides of the park at this dreamy and slow moving slide. You can simply float about slowly in your little boat as you get propelled forward into a pool of cool water.

Aqua Play

Dreamland Aqua park offers unlimited fun for your children at this kid’s pool, designed to create an interactive zone complete with a wide variety of game options for children.

Dead Sea

As the name suggests, you can expect to get an experience of living on the unique Dead Sea. This is a pool specially designed with high saline content to give a feel of the real Dead Sea.


Once you have tried out every other thrilling and fast-paced ride in the park, head to the largest open Jacuzzi located here to relax and wind down from all the stress and tension.

Pool Game

A great place for kids to have a great time splashing and dunking themselves while you relax on the sidelines. Make the fun quotient a little high by infusing challenges here as they will need to pass through inflatable obstacles that are stationed here.

Slam Dunk

Enjoy this one-of-a-kind opportunity where you can play sports like water volleyball and basketball with your friends in the cool and relaxing waters of the pool.

Know Before You Book Dreamland Aqua Park Tickets

Location & How to Reach
Best Time to Visit
Dream Aqua Park
  • One of the country’s largest water parks, the Dreamland Aquapark is a great place to head with friends and family for an entire day of fun.
  • The park features nearly 30 rides and slides with different levels of thrill and adventure that you can enjoy.
  • Spend a day of relaxation at the lush green gardens of the park with beautiful landscapes and numerous palm trees dotting it
  • Give your children a fun time at the park at the slides designed particularly for them such as Aqua Play and Pool Game
  • Head to the mini zoo and get clicked with some of the adorable creatures housed here.
  • Go for Waterside Camping at the park for the ultimate Dreamland Park experience.
  • Finish your day at the park’s large open Jacuzzi.
  • Hop into one of the restaurants within the park premises to enjoy a sumptuous and healthy meal.

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